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The Stone Sugar Shakedown

The Stone Sugar Shakedown

...After All This!

The Stone Sugar Shakedown is funk, rock, blues & beyond delivered with St. Louis soul. United in Fall 2009, this carousel of talent, led by Nick Elwood & Tracy Gladden, has gigged throughout the Midwest, completed multi-state tours, self-recorded their debut album, broken into the festival circuit, and are currently recording their first studio album at St. Louis-based Sherpa Studios, which will be released on vinyl summer 2014. Each unique show brings a celebration of friends-- new and old-- enjoying the music’s unbridled spirit and uplifting energy. There’s no slowing the momentum of this waxing wave. Their future looks bright and funky.

Here We Are...

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The Stone Sugar Shakedown
Jul 6, 2014 The Stone Sugar Shakedown
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SET ONE 1. Jam > Gangle Fandango (7:18) 2. Creator and Creation (6:19) 3. Kelly (5:01) 4. Dear Mr. Fantasy (12:29) 5. Margaret's Song (14:21) 6. Turtle Song (3:10) SET TWO 1. Jam > Big Gunther's Stroll (14:00) 2. U.S. Blues (7:17) 3. Funky Bitch (11:57)* 4. Hey, Miss Suzie (15:27)* 5. One Way Out (7:33)** 6. Hey Pocky A-Way (11:34)** 7. $2 Tie Dye Raffle (1:50) 8. Jamaican Me Blue (4:25) 9. Cindy (6:10)+ Total Run Time: 2:08:51 NOTES * w/ Patrick Fusco on Keys ** w/ Patrick Fusco on Keys...
Topic: Funk, Blues, Rock, Jazz, Jam, Live Music, Improvisation, P-Funk, Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers,...
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